Permitting Requirements for Shower Remodeling

Over the past few decades, permitting requirements have changed in both Collier County and the City of Naples. Contractors are expected to remain up to date on local permitting requirements. All too often, home and condo owners are confused by contractors regarding the need for a permit. Both Collier County and the City of Naples have different types of permitting requirements.

If your shower renovation project is in a multiple family complex, condo, attached villa, etc. a permit will be required, in the City of Naples and Collier County, to undertake the remodel.

Single family homes within the City of Naples will also require permitting. Single family homes in Collier County, outside of the city limits, will only require a permit if there are structural alterations or if the plumping work exceeds a certain dollar amount.

Failure to obtain a permit, when required, can lead to job delays and extra added expense.

We will be able to determine if a permit is required upon meeting at your home. Remember, permits are a good thing! Permits are designed to protect the homeowner and the contractor; giving you a peace of mind that the job will be done to the local standards!

Please see the below links for more information regarding permit requirements:

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