What to Look For When Hiring a Tile Contractor

Choosing the right contractor can make all the difference between a mediocre job and a great job. Unlike installing floor tile or a simple kitchen backsplash, constructing an easy to maintain shower that is waterproof requires much more skill, training, and knowledge of the contractor. The possibility of a premature failure is something we see all too often because the installer was not trained and knowledgeable in moisture management. When making your decision on which tile contractor to hire, you should consider several important topics:

  • Is the tile contractor licensed and insured?
  • Is the tile contractor up to date on the latest methods and products available?
  • Has the tile contractor participated in any recent workshops?
  • Has the tile contractor focused on continued education?
  • Has the tile contractor visited any tile trade shows?
  • How many years has the tile contractor been setting tile?
  • Can the tile contractor provide references within your community?
  • Does the tile contractor offer a warranty?
  • Does the tile contractor operate out of a business location or out of a vehicle?

Hiring a tile contractor that only specializes in tile installation gives you a greater chance of them being more knowledgeable to that specific trade. Avoid hiring a jack of all trades or companies that do entire home remodels, as they are less likely to specialize in specific one field, as we do!

Owner, Niels Mierendorff

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